Sunday, 2 June 2013

Eco-friendly coir

The eco-friendly coir is finding new uses. It is now being used in homes as a sound barrier on compound walls and for landscaping.
Innovative applications of coir and other new development in the industry were discussed at Coir Kerala 2013, the trade event on coir and natural fibre products now underway in Alappuzha.
Anil K. R., Director of National Coir Research and Management Institute, the nodal agency for Coir Kerala which leads the R&D efforts in the State, said world over people are increasingly switching over to greener lifestyles. In Europe coir is finding a number of new uses.
In the Netherlands, coconut husk, from which the fibrous coir is extracted, is being used as a noise prevention solution in homes located along highways , in offices and around sporting arenas.


Coir has an excellent acoustical absorption property and Dutch regional Governments are now recommending these coir-based solutions in places where environmentally sensitive noise reduction is required, he said. 
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